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About The Cafe

Chef Sarah Heard,  a Lockhart high school graduate, & her partner, Chef Nathan Lemley set out to create the simple, proper, & welcoming cafe with a strong mindset of sustainable sourcing that they felt Lockhart needed in 2020. Since, it has become a huge part of Lockhart's community life. The cafe sells whole pies and hosts bake sales twice a holiday season. 

classic crispy chicken sandwich
lunch table

From the Press


The zippy red eye gravy truly sets the dish apart. One swipe and you get a tingly smack of vinegar that announces this ain’t your papa’s CFS. Fans of Foreign & Domestic will recognize the roux-based gravy from the fried chicken biscuit at the standout Austin restaurant. The gravy carries a depth with it from coffee, breakfast sausage and smoked paprika rarely found imbued in the spackle regularly draped across the Texas café staple. 


Erik Summa, Guest Review

Food is amazing and the people that work here are super nice and friendly. The chicken we had was so juicy and fresh. The drinks are also fun and inspired by local events and places.

They also have an awesome happy hour on Tuesday’s!


Jason Woody, Guest Review

The Chicken Fried Steak is something special. The crust is crunchy and flavorful while the meat is tender and juicy.

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